Pittsburgh Bike Fest '06

Bike Fest 06 is a project of Pittsburgh’s only cycling advocacy organization,Bike PGH.We want to show off PGH’s inherent uniqueness,promote safe bicycling in all of its glory, and celebrate our bicycle culture in one fell swoop.This years festival (June 23-July 4) includes several events each day.The calendar of events is open to anyone who has the desire to organize an event, and relate it to the bicycle in some way.For more info: www.bike-pgh.org or email bikefest@bike-pgh.org.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The party is starting to come together. We're shooting for one of the best parties of the year again. Looks like we got lots and lots of prizes to raffle off and have as prizes for games, including some Gary Fisher Bikes and Planet Bike stuff!!! Planet Bike is also planning on attending.
Also, East End Brewing Company in Homewood is ponying up for some Brew!
I'll keep everyone updated once the details are set and we have pictures of the prizes and whatnot.
Make sure to keep June 30th open on your calendars. We know there is a Gallery Crawl earlier in the evening Downtown, but there will be a bike ride from that event to our party, so everyone can do it all!! Bring some energy bars for a super fun night in Pittsburgh, cause we think you'll need them.


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