Pittsburgh Bike Fest '06

Bike Fest 06 is a project of Pittsburgh’s only cycling advocacy organization,Bike PGH.We want to show off PGH’s inherent uniqueness,promote safe bicycling in all of its glory, and celebrate our bicycle culture in one fell swoop.This years festival (June 23-July 4) includes several events each day.The calendar of events is open to anyone who has the desire to organize an event, and relate it to the bicycle in some way.For more info: www.bike-pgh.org or email bikefest@bike-pgh.org.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


here's the flyer. I'm not gonna post the whole thing again, just scroll down to a previous post...

Everything has been going well, despite the rain. Folks are still coming out and looking the weather in the eyes, and making the rain stop just for the events. The swap saw hundreds of folks come thru it's gates. All the rides have seen great attendance and went super well. So, keep staring momma nature down and keep the rain away...


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