Pittsburgh Bike Fest '06

Bike Fest 06 is a project of Pittsburgh’s only cycling advocacy organization,Bike PGH.We want to show off PGH’s inherent uniqueness,promote safe bicycling in all of its glory, and celebrate our bicycle culture in one fell swoop.This years festival (June 23-July 4) includes several events each day.The calendar of events is open to anyone who has the desire to organize an event, and relate it to the bicycle in some way.For more info: www.bike-pgh.org or email bikefest@bike-pgh.org.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some Press in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Bicycling: Festival atmosphere should pump up cyclists the next three weeks

Friday, June 16, 2006

By Larry Walsh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Biking in the 'Burgh can be daunting.

In addition to the city's hilly topography, there's the fear factor of pedaling in traffic. It can be done, of course. You just have to know how.

Sharing that knowledge is one of the goals of BikeFest, a 12-day celebration of bicycling and bicycle culture in Pittsburgh that will run from Friday to July 4.

Free Ride and Bike Pittsburgh, the coordinators of the second annual festival, said the events are designed to be enjoyed by even the most inexperienced riders to show them that bicycling "can be a fun, safe, healthy, efficient and environmentally sound way to navigate the city."

They are counting on local cyclists to help make the event successful. They also ask motorists to be extra vigilant because there will be more bicyclists on city streets during the festival.

Participants also can enjoy the delights of the asphalt-paved Three Rivers Heritage Trail which parallels miles-long sections of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers.

Eric Boerer, a co-founder of Free Ride, a non-profit community bike repair and recycling shop, said there will be a series of free, independently hosted events intended for bicyclists of all ages and abilities.

They include a bike swap at the Warhol Museum, scenic rides, tours of the city, riding and repair workshops, races, mountain bike rides and outdoor movies. A detailed events calendar can be found at neighborhood bike shops and www.bike-pgh.org. That's the Web site of Bike Pittsburgh, the city's first bicycle advocacy organization.

Boerer said Free Ride and Bike Pittsburgh serve as the clearinghouses for information relating to the events. He said they also provide the framework and resources to the individual members and organizations of the bicycling community "who are the true organizers of the festivities."

Visit the Bike Pittsburgh Web site to stay current with the times, dates and places of all the events. Boerer, who also serves as the outreach coordinator for Bike Pittsburgh, said the organizers of each event are eager to share their knowledge and experience and should be contacted directly about their respective events.

For more information, e-mail bikefest@bike-pgh.org, scott@bike-pgh.org or call 412-726-5872.


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